I’m still working away on the large Gilmore Girls book box shrine, but I’ve completed the smallest one. (And it just happens to be available in my Etsy store!

Here is the finished product, in case you are curious and don’t want to click over.

On the left is the outside of the tin, with the Starry Night-inspired painting, and the inside contains several of the more prominent themes of the show. The quote comes from the theme song. The faux wisteria represents Lorelei’s wisteria, which never seems to stop blooming, even in the dead of winter. Then there are the snowflakes, again related to Lorelei. There is an ampule of coffee, to be broken in case of emergency, and a dragonfly, to represent the Dragonfly Inn.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this one – it’s the first time I have made something with a “dark” feel in a very long time!