The second in the series is finally here!

The objects found in this tin are based on the idea of cursed objects – that is, objects that have been imbued with black magic, and are designed to cause bad luck and misfortune (sometimes even death).


This was so much fun to create, and the potential stories behind each item are myriad.

The tin (the size of an Altoids tin) has been rusted and distressed, and is filled with the following cursed objects:

  • Voodoo pin cushion, made with an antique saree, and including three different types of pins
  • Civil War-era bullet (from the 1860s, dug up right from the ground – if anything could be cursed, it’s this!)
  • Mortgage document that is actually a loan for a stand of trees. The document itself is only cursed when signed over to a new owner – the trees, however…..
  • Human tooth – found in a collection of oddities, each new owner experiences the curse
  • Penny – this passes the curse on indiscriminately, following whoever happens to be in possession of the coin at any given time
  • Cameo – small, but powerful, a family heirloom that is passed down on each daughter’s 10th birthday.
  • Antique lace – taken from a child’s pinafore, it’s been passed down through the generations in many different forms – lace on a doll, part of a decorative headband, edging for a quilt square….

Just like the other tin, I am offering this for sale, for only $50 (no profit being made here – talk about starving artist). If you are interested in this tin or anything similar, drop me a line at laviniashort at gmail dot com, or leave me a message here on the blog!

Or, just send me some feedback – I love to hear what other people are thinking of my work!