Because all my other projects take such a long time to complete – with all the wait times and stuff – I thought it might be cool to try out a super simple public art project.

Bear with me – this idea came to me at 3am. Lots of stuff happens in an insomniac’s brain in the wee hours!

I knew I wanted to something cute and eye-catching, but also fun, and in my style. In a fit of nostalgia, i thought about the super old school Super Mario Bros. Nintendo games. Getting that one-up mushroom was basically the best feeling ever (ahem. especially if you don’t happen to be very good at video games.)

So what better (well, you know) than to be part way through your day and discover that you’ve uncovered a one-up?!


Take it easy on me –  my watercolor skills are not exactly top notch when I’ve only slept 20 hours in five days.

So, over the course of the next few days, these will be distributed throughout the city. Hopefully people are feeling cheerful enough to play along – it could be really cool to see where they turn up!