I know it looks like I just haven’t been doing any work over here, but I’ve been working to perfect this just about every day since that initial post. I made a lot of changes and improvements, and I actually really love it (it’s gonna be hard to give away)!

First, the pictures:

The metal tin (about the size of an Altoid tin) is rusted, as you’d expect a well-used kit to be, and is inscribed with a rune that stands for protection.
The inside contains everything a Hunter needs to get started: a cast iron key, salt and a match for burning bones, phoenix ash, an ampule of holy water (sealed with wax), and a small devil’s trap.
Here you see the front of the devil’s trap, which can be used either in direct contact with a demon, or as a reference for drawing out larger traps.
Finally, the back of the trap, which contains all the instructions needed for using a trap this small.

Every item in this kit has touched my hands – I’ve either custom-crafted the piece or sourced it from places that I love.

I am going to be selling these – and hopefully more specific versions later on – but as each one is handmade, items may vary slightly.

The price for this kit is $50, which includes shipping and handling. If you’d like to snag this one, or commission one with a specific intent or theme, please get in touch! You can leave me a comment here, or just email me: laviniashort at gmail.