Lately I’ve had a lot of people asking to see samples of my work. Because, apparently, trying to actually explain what materials you use, how you love the use of texture above all else, etc. just doesn’t translate well into a mental image. Go figure. 🙂

So here I’ve posted two finished pieces and one work in progress (oh, please pretend that last photo is not fuzzy!).


This piece, obviously is of a saint. I’ve always been completely taken with religious iconography, and in my millionth re-reading of Jitterbug Perfume, I came across a quote attributed to Elbert Hubbard: “Every saint has a bee in his halo.” Instantly I became interested in creating a fairly straightforward illustration of the quote, and thus, this piece was born.

Some of the more obvious materials used here are:

  • paint
  • image transfer
  • ink
  • variegated metallic leafing
  • tulle
  • small brass bee charm

My bff Glossy Gel Medium played a huge role (as it does in almost all my work). I use it as an adhesive, to achieve different textures with paint, and even to create the image transfers in my work.



This piece still doesn’t have a title – it may never have a title! But for months I had been imagining this creature/woman in a sort of woodland environment. It sat on the back burner for a while and then, as is often the case, I found a material that set the whole process in motion. In this case, it was the cork and the metallic textured papers underneath the beading. There are aspects of this piece that I’m not in love with (the woman’s dress, for one) but overall, I love the way the textures and colors interact with one another.

Here are the materials used in this piece:

  • scrapbooking paper
  • beads
  • dried and pressed daylily petals
  • embroidery floss
  • sequins
  • paint


This fuzzy beast of a picture is a piece that I’m currently working on (although I’ve been seriously held up by an out-of-state move). It’s just a super quick picture I took to be able to show where my head was taking me and hopefully receive feedback from friends and other artists. It’s inspired, in part, by Dante. After re-reading The Inferno, I started researching medieval ideas on purgatory – and there are so, so many. I could probably do a painting a day on the subject and never run out of ideas.

The materials used so far:

  • dried and pressed fall leaves
  • found metal objects
  • paint (so many layers of paint!)
  • gold and copper leafing
  • image printed on acetate

There are many pieces left to add in – flower petal flames, more leafing, beads, sequins….

Once I unpack, I will have more pieces to show you, and some upcoming posts on some of the processes I tend to favor.

A few bits of one of the pieces currently in the works:

20150730_132827(0) (1)