I am, in fact, not dead! I was very nearly dead (or at least felt that way) for about a week, but now I’m starting to get my sea legs under me and feel only “mostly dead.” (Bonus points if you can name that movie. And shame on you if you can’t!)

This week I’m working on a couple of different things but rather than inundate you with pictures, I’ll just show you my current favorite project-in-the-works. It’s been a looooong time since I participated in a mail art swap, but I took the plunge this week. The swap rules are to decorate a 6×9 envelope and then include something cool inside when you send your part of the swap off. Here’s what I’ve got so far – some of you may recognize where I’m headed with this, so no telling!

mail art

Hopefully it will be done and all cleaned up by tomorrow afternoon, just in time for the big reveal!