I just can’t get enough of these old labels. I’m a sucker for packaging anyway, so it makes sense that I’d be so drawn to the vintage nature of these.

Today we have a rum label, a muscato label, and a Japanese sake label. I think they are each so beautiful – I hope you  like them as much as I do!

As usual, the download process is simple. Click on the image and you’ll be taken to a new window where there is a link to download the original hi-res version of the image. I’d love to see if you use them in a piece of art – or even if you just print and frame them! Be sure to drop me a line at guerilla.glue77@gmail.com to let me know!

japanese sake label

muscat label

rum label

I hope you enjoy these labels as much as I do – I think they offer great inspiration for a collage or other artworks!