As I was drooling my way through the Anthropologie sale pages, on the off chance that maybe they would have something I could afford (HA!!) I came across these earrings. My mission to find the elusive perfect sale item failed, but I did come across these earrings and suddenly my interest piqued.

lace anthropologie earries

I didn’t have the tools on hand to make those exact earrings, but I was inspired enough to create something that conveyed the same feel, all for under $10 (the earrings above, in case you are wondering, are $240. On sale.)

Here’s what you’ll need to create your own pair of Anthro-inspired lace earrings:

  • 1 lace doily (old or new, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s crocheted and not paper)
  • 1 sponge brush
  • glossy gel medium (feel free to substituted Mod Podge)
  • scissors
  • 2 earring hooks
  • flat-back Swarovski crystals, if desired

First, decide which sections of the doily you want to use – make sure they are as close to identical as possible, and that they are in a spot where they will be easy to cut out. Then start brushing them with your gel medium or Mod Podge:

anthropologie earring

Let the medium dry completely, then flip your doily over and do the same on the reverse. Once everything is thoroughly dry and stiff, it’s time to cut out your sections.

anthropologie earrings

Cut your shape out, giving yourself some wiggle room with the trimming. You can always be more exacting with a touch up using a smaller pair of scissors.

anthropologie earrings

The next step is to ready your earring hooks – these are super simple to use. Just bend the wire on the smaller end of the hook, fit it through the doily, and bend it back into place. Easy peasy! You are now ready to rock everyone’s world with your new earrings. But – in case you should get it in your head that you need a little more glitz, a little more sparkle – you can add some small Swarovski crystals (or beads, if you prefer).

anthropologie earring

Vóila! You have a kickass pair of earrings AND you just saved yourself more than $200.