needle felting

Welcome to the second official Smittenday post. Smittenday posts are where I will post a small round-up of things that have really caught my eye in recent days and weeks. Click here to see the last Smittenday post, which focused on cool jewelry pieces.

Lately I’ve been a little obsessed with needle felting – not actually doing it, but works by other artists. My own attempts at needle felting have been abject failures, so I’ve learned to accept that maybe this is better left in the hands of others. There is so much talent out there, it was almost impossible to narrow my selections down to just six, but I managed. I hope you find these pieces as amazing as I do!

needle felting

1. Needle Felted Owl – I’m a sucker for cute little sculptures that I can tuck in surprising spots around the house and this piece fits the bill perfectly. Better yet, it’s a tutorial on how to make your own owl, which means you could create an entire collection in all different sizes! I think these would also make darling decorations for your next Thanksgiving table tableau.

2. Fantastical Unicorns – Zoe Williams creates some of the most wondrous needle felted sculptures I’ve come across. According to her, “spirits, sacred creatures, and phantoms from the dream world inhabit my work. They are the intermediaries that connect us with the (inner) realm of the collective unconscious and the (outer) kingdom of nature.”

3. Felted Zombie – Using just a basic Simplicity sewing pattern and the basics of needle felting, Melissa Jenkins has created this fun little zombie, perfect for your mini-fan of Daryl Dixon. It’s refreshing to see a cutesy doll with some of the cute removed, don’t you think?

4. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett – How could the literature nerd in me resist a needle felted Pride and Prejudice set? Even better, the felted objects illustrate board books for young children, exposing them to the wonder of the classics as early as toddlerhood.

5. “Reflections In the Water” by Marina Lubomirsky – This is an original needle felted “wool painting”. It is entirely done with various wools on felt background. Although classically trained in many different media, Marina’s current obsession is with wool felting. Based in Israel, Marina focuses almost exclusively on natural subjects, expressing her love of nature through one of nature’s most basic materials.

6. Felted Cactus Garden – As if cacti weren’t hard enough to kill already, now you really have something you can’t kill! I have a minor obsession with all things succulent, and think this would be amazing nestled among my collection of living cacti and succulents.