Oh, the treasures you can find when you just keep your eyes open! These, and several others, were buried in a lot of old paper I bought on ebay not to long ago. You can get your mitts on them two ways: download the images below or purchase them through me. The upside to a purchase is that you get all the lovely embossed texture that you’ll lose out on in the scan. I have many other tobacco labels and such, so don’t be afraid to get in touch if you think you might want to purchase something. And, it goes without saying, if I don’t have something that you want, I will make every effort to track it down for you.

But on to the images!

vintage tobacco seal
click to view full sized image for download
vintage tobacco label
click to view full sized image for download

If you’d like to purchase a little grab bag of labels, contact me via my email, guerilla.glue77@gmail.com.