This is one pitbull who doesn’t have one speck of the mythical violent streak in her. Instead, she prefers to live a life of extreme pampering. Typically, she’s an under-the-covers kind of girl – she will even stay in bed long after the rest of the household is up and moving about.

But, today she deigned to get out of bed.

Only to get back into bed:

princess pitbull

My very own living depiction of The Princess and the Pea. Here, she is sitting on: one of those upright pillows with the arms that people use for reading; a very luxurious (and expensive) king-sized down comforter, and; another comforter. All have been very carefully arranged by the princess for maximum comfort, and they get fluffed each time she decides to grace the “bed” with her presence.

I know this is a craft blog, but no one ever said the craft had to be mine, right? 🙂