Christmas has changed dramatically since my mom died, and since we had to move out here to Las Vegas. I can’t just drive home to spend the day with my family anymore, which sucks, but I’m learning to deal with it. It’s not that Christmas is bad now, but it just looks and feels very different from what I’m used to.

This year, that changed a little bit. I have been reconnecting with family that I thought would be out of my life forever. And that came with a special Christmas surprise.

solar powered peacock

Gardening was a big deal to my mom, and it still is for both my aunt and me. One thing you could always count on at Christmas was the exchange of garden ornaments, whirlygigs, and other cool outside decorations. This year, my aunt sent me a pair of solar-powered peacocks. Really! There is a tiny box inside the glowing globe that has two teensy solar strips on it, and that’s enough to power the little LED inside. As you can see, it creates a pretty dramatic effect!