If you’re like me, you have a thousand reasons not to bother with a “real” Christmas tree this year – cats, time, illness, upkeep, etc. So I’m excited to see a huge influx of ideas from fellow crafters who are inventing alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree. I’m making my own (look for a tutorial in an upcoming post – better late than never, right?) this year, but here are a few that I discovered during my internet adventuring. After seeing some of these, you might never have to deal with sticky sap and leaning trees ever again!

chalkboard tree

First up is a chalkboard tree – I love the generally messiness of this. It looks like someone went crazy with holiday excitement and just took to the chalkboard to express it all. If you don’t want to do chalk, one alternative would be to buy a roll of dry erase paper and have at it with colorful dry erase markers (imagine doing this as part of your advent calendar, too!).

chalkboard christmas tree

Another take on the chalkboard tree. If you don’t want to commit to painting your wall with chalkboard paint, think about painting a large piece of plywood and mounting it to the wall. What I love about this one is all the gorgeous detail. Someone really thought about this and set out to make it a perfectly pretty winter scene.

rustic christmas tree

I’ve been collecting driftwood for years and I almost broke into my swollen collection to make this simple-but-gorgeous tree. Maybe next year. There’s not much explaining to do here – mount the pieces on the wall, attach lights, and use each piece as a small shelf to hold tiny treasures. You could even attach bits of greenery to it, to make it a little more holiday-ish.

trinket tree

love this idea for a tree, and am pretty sure this is what I’ll be doing next year. The best thing about something so freeform is that you can use anything you fancy to create the classic triangle shape – that could be favorite ornaments, removable lettering, tiny paintings, etc. Merry Kitschmas!

suspended christmas tree

Finally, my very most favorite idea of all. An invisible Christmas ornament chandelier hung from the ceiling with care. It’s so simple and clean, elegant and easy at the same time. (Although, I’m sure the Craft Overlord might have something to say about this one.) And best of all, it’s surprisingly easy to put together!

Are you doing a non-traditional tree this year? Drop me a note and see it on an upcoming blog post!