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Supernatural Evil Eye Protection Kit

One-of-a-kind, designed and built by me, this Altoid-tin sized shrine (or collector’s box, maybe?) is based on the idea of the items used by hunters to ward off evil in the show “Supernatural.” I pulled together several interesting items:

– The tin itself (about the size of an Altoid tin) is rusted, as you’d expect a well-used kit to be, and is inscribed with a rune that stands for protection.
– The inside contains everything a Hunter needs to protect herself from the evil eye: consecrated salt, phoenix ash, an ampule of holy water (sealed with wax), a vial of dried lavender, and finally, rosary beads, a hamsa charm, and an ancient chinese coin.


The kit is now available for purchase in my etsy shop – head on over and take a look!

I can also make you a custom shrine, if you would like – just message me and we’ll talk!


Gilmore Girls Shrines, Part 2

I’m still working away on the large Gilmore Girls book box shrine, but I’ve completed the smallest one. (And it just happens to be available in my Etsy store!

Here is the finished product, in case you are curious and don’t want to click over.

On the left is the outside of the tin, with the Starry Night-inspired painting, and the inside contains several of the more prominent themes of the show. The quote comes from the theme song. The faux wisteria represents Lorelei’s wisteria, which never seems to stop blooming, even in the dead of winter. Then there are the snowflakes, again related to Lorelei. There is an ampule of coffee, to be broken in case of emergency, and a dragonfly, to represent the Dragonfly Inn.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this one – it’s the first time I have made something with a “dark” feel in a very long time!

Botanical Inspiration

The house that I live in right now has the most wonderful garden – it’s very small, but packed with beautiful and inspiring things.

Recently, I’ve been collecting and pressing flowers from the garden, which have inspired me to create a magical garden assemblage – think lush, colorful, imaginative, and… magical.

Here are a few snaps from yesterday – although the hibiscus picture is not my favorite, those have turned out to be my favorite pressed flowers.


I can hardly wait for daybreak, because that’s when the hibiscus open, which means it’s collection time!

Gilmore Girls Shrines

I’m taking a break from all of my Supernatural pieces to do a couple of Gilmore Girls shrines. So much fun! I always forget how much I love that show until I get to work on something like this, where all the little details come forth.



I’m the first to admit the photography is a liiiitle rough here, but it’s actually really hard to capture the brush strokes and textures without having it look like a giant mess.Both pieces are painted in the style of VanGogh’s Starry Night, to represent the girls’ hometown, Stars Hollow.

In the foreground is the mini shrine I’m working on – it’s Altoid-tin sized, so, about 2×3 (roughly). That means lots of small elements! I’m eager for the challenge, though. This one will be available in my Etsy shop within the next few days.

In the background is the larger shrine – it’s constructed out of a hardcover copy of Anna Karenina, one of Rory’s favorite books. I’ll spare you the sight of the inside right now, but if all goes according to plan, it will be really cool. This is a commission, but if you find yourself in lust with it, I’m happy to make another.

Stay tuned for updates – I hope to have these finished by the end of the weekend!

Join Me For A Ride On….


WordPress recently decided that it was just going to go ahead and change the entire themes on three of my blogs, amongst other things.

So bear with me – it’s going to take a bit of figuring to get this all straightened out.

In the meantime,  you can follow me on Instagram: guerilla_glue


Thanks for your patience!

Supernatural Tin: Cursed Objects

The second in the series is finally here!

The objects found in this tin are based on the idea of cursed objects – that is, objects that have been imbued with black magic, and are designed to cause bad luck and misfortune (sometimes even death).


This was so much fun to create, and the potential stories behind each item are myriad.

The tin (the size of an Altoids tin) has been rusted and distressed, and is filled with the following cursed objects:

  • Voodoo pin cushion, made with an antique saree, and including three different types of pins
  • Civil War-era bullet (from the 1860s, dug up right from the ground – if anything could be cursed, it’s this!)
  • Mortgage document that is actually a loan for a stand of trees. The document itself is only cursed when signed over to a new owner – the trees, however…..
  • Human tooth – found in a collection of oddities, each new owner experiences the curse
  • Penny – this passes the curse on indiscriminately, following whoever happens to be in possession of the coin at any given time
  • Cameo – small, but powerful, a family heirloom that is passed down on each daughter’s 10th birthday.
  • Antique lace – taken from a child’s pinafore, it’s been passed down through the generations in many different forms – lace on a doll, part of a decorative headband, edging for a quilt square….

Just like the other tin, I am offering this for sale, for only $50 (no profit being made here – talk about starving artist). If you are interested in this tin or anything similar, drop me a line at laviniashort at gmail dot com, or leave me a message here on the blog!

Or, just send me some feedback – I love to hear what other people are thinking of my work!


One Up RVA

Because all my other projects take such a long time to complete – with all the wait times and stuff – I thought it might be cool to try out a super simple public art project.

Bear with me – this idea came to me at 3am. Lots of stuff happens in an insomniac’s brain in the wee hours!

I knew I wanted to something cute and eye-catching, but also fun, and in my style. In a fit of nostalgia, i thought about the super old school Super Mario Bros. Nintendo games. Getting that one-up mushroom was basically the best feeling ever (ahem. especially if you don’t happen to be very good at video games.)

So what better (well, you know) than to be part way through your day and discover that you’ve uncovered a one-up?!


Take it easy on me –  my watercolor skills are not exactly top notch when I’ve only slept 20 hours in five days.

So, over the course of the next few days, these will be distributed throughout the city. Hopefully people are feeling cheerful enough to play along – it could be really cool to see where they turn up!

Supernatural Hunter’s Kit Detail Shots

I’ve had a couple of requests for some close-up, more detailed shots of some of the items in the Supernatural kit. ….As you wish…


Vials  of salt and phoenix ash, as well as a ghost hunter’s best friend: a match to burn those bones!
Detail shot of the holy water ampule, complete with vintage rosary and crucifix, and sealed with wax. (looks like someone might need a macro lens!)
20160604_030545-02 (1)
And finally a detail of the key and its fastener. This is one of the items that may change when you order, because it’s very difficult sometimes to find identical keys – but I will try my best!

If you have any questions or feedback, I’d love to hear from you! You can leave a comment here, or drop me a line at laviniashort at gmail.

I’ve already started work on two more of these, and this one is still currently available for $50. If you’d like one, or would like a custom box, get in touch and we’ll sort out the details!

Supernatural: Hunter’s Starter Kit


I know it looks like I just haven’t been doing any work over here, but I’ve been working to perfect this just about every day since that initial post. I made a lot of changes and improvements, and I actually really love it (it’s gonna be hard to give away)!

First, the pictures:

The metal tin (about the size of an Altoid tin) is rusted, as you’d expect a well-used kit to be, and is inscribed with a rune that stands for protection.
The inside contains everything a Hunter needs to get started: a cast iron key, salt and a match for burning bones, phoenix ash, an ampule of holy water (sealed with wax), and a small devil’s trap.
Here you see the front of the devil’s trap, which can be used either in direct contact with a demon, or as a reference for drawing out larger traps.
Finally, the back of the trap, which contains all the instructions needed for using a trap this small.

Every item in this kit has touched my hands – I’ve either custom-crafted the piece or sourced it from places that I love.

I am going to be selling these – and hopefully more specific versions later on – but as each one is handmade, items may vary slightly.

The price for this kit is $50, which includes shipping and handling. If you’d like to snag this one, or commission one with a specific intent or theme, please get in touch! You can leave me a comment here, or just email me: laviniashort at gmail.


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